Petition on the establishment of a fixed air connection on the route Akureyri (Iceland) - Poland.

Petition on the establishment of a fixed air connection on the route Akureyri (Iceland) - Poland.


We kindly ask you to consider and respond positively to our request regarding the creation of an air connection on the Akureyri - Poland, Poland-Akureyri route.


In the north and east of Iceland (not only in Akureyri) there is a very large community of people from Poland as well as from Central and Eastern Europe including Slovaks, Czechs, Ukrainians, and Lithuanians.


The journey from Akureyri to Keflavik International Airport, from which there are regular flights to Poland, is very long and tiring.


It takes many hours to reach Keflavik airport. We are have three possible connections to get to internationa airport:

1) Flying from Akureyri to Reykjavik, without counting the drive to the airport in Akureyri (about 3-5 hours).

2)The bus journey (departing at 10:15 am from Akureyri) takes much longer to arrive on overnight flights to Poland.

3) Access by a private car is similar.

It should be added that the journey does not end at the destination airport in Poland. After landing at the airport in Poland, many passengers still have a long journey home. In each of the above variants, a whole day should be devoted to the trip to the airport in Keflavik.


For people living and working in the North (Akureyri) and East (Egilsstaðir) of Iceland, this is a big time and logistical challenge.


Such flights would certainly be very popular among Icelanders because for years they have been using medical and leisure services and willingly do shopping in Poland.


Akureyri Airport is undergoing expansion, which means it will be able to handle more passengers and aircraft.


In the current situation, even two flights a month would be satisfactory for us.


A connection in the above-mentioned direction would be a mutual benefit for airlines, airports in Poland and Akureyri and residents of northern and eastern Iceland.


We will be grateful for your positive consideration of our request. Sincerely and respectfully,


People from North Iceland.

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