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The primary difference is that computer science was originally a sub-branch of mathematics. Computer science deals with the basic structure of a computer and is more theoretical. Hence, it is more malleable in terms of specialization, with the emphasis on math and science. Software engineering is a field concerned with the application of engineering processes to the creation, maintenance, and design of software for a variety of different purposes. A software engineer designs customized applications per the requirements of an organization.
One of the main benefits of these vocations is that it offers the freedom of freelance engineering. With the increasing popularity of the gig economy, computer scientist and software engineers are able to reap the benefits as a freelance or contract worker.
As for which job is the right fit for you, it comes down to your preference. While both professions are computer-related, the emphasis is completely different. Therefore, your interests should be considered then think about where you see yourself ten years from now. We’ll go into more depth about each industry, along with the average computer science salary and software engineer salary.
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