HackShield for polish version of Elsword

Dear GameForge 4D,
I'm writing this petition to show you our situation of Polish Elsword. At the begining of pl version the game was great,it was fun to make new experience of this game,but now eight monts later Elsword.pl is a huge disaster,not the game,made by  the players who used cheats. 
It's a very necessary to bring some defend against the plague of cheaters that just take control of our server.They took a lot of our time to kick some of the players out of that server,but they are still arriving.  It`s a huge problem for our community,and for you - because the people says that it's your fault for not protecting the game.
I think the old good players will come back to the game when it will be protect by HackShield or other anti-cheat programs.
The situation with cheaters becomes more serious day by day. Now, cheats are even the main topic on our forums. As you should know, they will someday ruin the game. More and more people are leaving - because of cheaters.

All we want is fair gameplay. Not new updates, thrid classes. Neither events. Please, give us HackShield.

So - thank you for reading this.
I hope you make a decision for us - players - to keep the hackers away from PL server,and you make us very happy gamers familly.